LegoHeads is an Ambient Pop Band based out of Vancouver, Canada making lyrically driven atmospherical music with an apparent rainy North-Western feel


LegoHeads was officially founded with the release of the first single “Out At Sea” on August 12, 2015. Prior to that though, singer and songwriter Landon Trimble had been recording songs in his basement to pass the time while he recovered from a virus. The virus gave him temporary nerve damage in his hands and feet, limiting him to only being able to record programmable electronicinstruments and vocals. After he fully recovered, he was able to play all the instruments on songs such as “Forgive Me" and "Table Bread”


LegoHeads’ debut album, Songs For Water, was officially released on January 26, 2016. Since then It has been added to over a hundred and thirty college radio station libraries, and has appeared on many of their personal Top 30 Charts across America. It also debuted on the CMJ Top 200 chart, landing at slot #182. The album has also been licensed to numerous televisions shows and networks for use, including The Discovery Channel.


A second album is currently in the works, being recorded in local Vancouver studios, such as Fader Master and The SoundBox. A live show is in the works, as is future international tours